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There are various reasons that a slab leak can begin within or under ones foundation in a home.  One of the leading reasons occurs when the soil around the home is mostly clay.  It will make it more vulnerable to moisture differences. When water gets in the mix then, the clay will expand and push up. This causes pressure with a foundation from below. Over time, the slab and flooring can push upwards which may make plumbing pipes in the slab to break. When that happens, water may flood ones floor. If sewer lines happen to also be located close by, they too can be impacted by the slab leak.  No one wants to have a sewer issue at home then.

Another reason why a slab leak can occur is just with the age of ones plumbing pipes.   Houses that have copper pipes installed from when the home was built, can have issues over time.  The copper can be prone to pinhole leaks. Water seeping through the leaks will flow through the slab to the surface of the slab.

We utilize excellent slab leak detection equipment so we can easily see what is happening and exactly where it is happening.  Our equipment is useful with both under slab leaks, as well as with sewer repairs.

Indicators of a Slab Leak

Get in touch with Legacy 4 if you notice any of these are things happening with your house’s concrete slab.

Floors are constantly moist
Water bill costs have been increasing
The sound of water is often heard but plumbing fixtures aren’t being utilized
New cracks in the foundation
Lawn or vegetation close to the foundation grows unevenly
Portions of the slab floor are warmer compared to others
Lower water pressure
Smells are originating out of the floor or walls

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