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Sewer & Drain Hydro Jet Cleaning in OKC

Hydro jetting is an awesome and powerful way to totally clean plumbing pipes! It works by sending high pressure water within the pipe. The water pressure can be as much as 2500 psi.  It is pretty much the only way to clean storm drains after storms and they are  blocked with silt and debris.

The most impressive part of a hydro jet cleaning is that is will also wash away everything it breaks up.  It doesn’t leave any sign of a previous drain blockage!  Because this is such a powerful tool, it can be used in any type of commercial setting, but still safe enough to use on residential plumbing too.

Residential Hydro Jetting

Inside of a home’s drain and sewer lines, soap, waste, and lots of other items accumulate over time. Many homeowners will use chemical drain cleaners to clear drain clogs, but these are strong chemicals that have harmful side-effects on plumbing pipes.  It could lead to needing a plumbing pipe replacement in time even.

Grease and oil in drains, like in a kitchen, are the leading causes of drain blockages. They will settle in the lowest locations in a drain pipe. As debris is washed into drains, it will stick to the grease and oil already stuck in the drain. The blockage grows and eventually the flow of water becomes limited.  When the overall water pressure balance of the plumbing system is altered, problems will occur.

Legacy 4’s hydro jetting services are the best way to safely get rid of drain clogs and slow mover drains. It is an extremely safe way of not just simply breaking through a drain obstruction, but to regularly clean ones pipes to stop an undesirable drain or sewer blockage from occur in the future.

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