Are you concerned that you may have a sewer line issue happening at your Norman or Moore OK home?  Are you not sure what to look for to know if the sewer is not functioning properly, or if what you are seeing is being caused by something else?  We will examine a few of the typical signs that a sewer repair or sewer cleaning is needed so you can be better informed on the topic.

Trees and shrubs around ones home add to the beauty of the home, but those roots can have an influence on the house’s plumbing and sewer lines. The roots can work their way into the sewage system pipes and start to restrict the sewer pipes capability to move waste, and at some point totally clog them.tree roots in Norman OK sewer line

Be on the Lookout for Theses Events Happening With Your Sewer Lines

Constant drain backups

In the long run, chemical drain cleaners are not safe to use for any of one pluming. If drain blockages constantly develop, it would be well to have Legacy 4 take a look at ones drains. All drains need to be properly cleaned out periodically to keep them flowing at peak potential. The whole home plumbing system is a fragile balance of pressure, so when drains are not moving well, the pressure equilibrium is impacted.  This can cause added stress in more fragile sections of the plumbing system and the need for an eventual repair.  We can clean out the sewer lines with different drain cleaning equipment we have, include our hydro jet technology.

Gurgling noises from drains while the sewer pipes emptySigns of needing a sewer repair due to gurgling noises

It is essential to not take any kind of part of ones plumbing system for granted. Make sure to be listening for any kind of sounds from any one of the residence’s plumbing, like the water heater, and particularly ones drains. If there are gurgling noises when commodes are used, it is maybe an indication of a drain problem. Typically, there will always be some type of warning signs, or in this case sounds, when a plumbing system needs some maintenance service.

Low Spots in the yard

Once a sewer system line breaks, it can create low spots in the yard around where the pipes are located. These new indentations will be located between the home to the street, which is where ones sewer pipes are located. Give us a call to inspect it please.  We have really cool leak detection equipment that allows us to look inside the sewer line and see if there is a pipe break, leak or clog.

Wet patches in the lawn

Wet patches could suggest that the sewage system pipes are leaking, and possibly due to the roots growing into the pipes and the pipes have fractured. If there are areas that are continually wet, even when it has actually not rained in a while, it would be best to have us look at the sewage system lines. Again, our leak detection service can determine what is happening with the plumbing pipes.

Here is our overview video of our sewer services and contact us with any sewer issues you may have.